Self Managed Super Fund

A SMSF is a private superannuation fund which can be managed by yourself with the purpose of saving at the retirement Age. and regulated by ATO.

Well, it is important to known that everybody not able to save money that way. This things is depends on risk taking, bundle of money available for only investments and individuals skills.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of SMSF funds.

Advantages of SMSF

  • You hold have power over and manage yourself
  • You’re can invest in a different assets such as a bank account, shares or real estate as you like
  • Fees are not much high compare to other. so, you can save almost 1 percents or more
  • You could get good market value and can compare
  • It suits especially to investors
  • Art and Bitcoin are allowed in certain circumstances and market

Disadvantages are:

  • need caution and discipline for the trustee to manage fund
  • need an investment plan and strategy
  • Doesn’t suite to normal investor who don’t have match cash flow
  • Generally, more risky than normal investment
  • No access to superannuation complaints tribunal


If you decide to set up a SMSF, You and only you liable for your investment, even if you get professional help for investments. so be careful whenever make any investment related decision

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