Unpaid Super from Your Employer

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If you think you have entitled to get refund, and you didn’t get super contribution from your employer, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly you should aware about that you’re entitled to get super or not from your employer
  • You can check your my Gov id and you can view your super contribution which is paid by your company employer. On the other side, your company employer must have to disclose how much super amount has been paid into your super fund. If your employer use single touch payroll reporting, ATO will get all information through STP.
  • Taxpayers can also use the estimate my super tool and you can see how much money is paid by super.
  • You need to talk regarding super to your employer and you can ask your employer how much money is being paid as super in your super fund and from which fund they are paying to in your account.
  • You can check member statements through super funds and you can confirm how much actually gets super.
  • If you feel like you haven’t got enough super from your employer and you followed all above steps, you can lodge your enquiry to ATO. Furthermore, your employer not paid super from your chosen fund.

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