Different Types of Reporting for GST Quarterly Reporting

If you try to lodged online more than others, you may get extra two weeks to lodged and pay your quarterly BAS.



Due date

1. July, August and September

28 October

2. October, November and December

28 February

3. January, February and March

28 April

4. April, May and June

28 July

Please keep in mind that if you missed the lodgment, the payment does not apply for quarter 2, this is because the due date includes already 1 month of extension.

Monthly reporting

The due date to pay your return as well as BAS is the 21st day of the month following the end of the taxable period. For example, an August monthly BAS is due on 21 Septembar.

If you have to register your GST, if you have business GST turnover is $20 million or more, and you can lodge your activity statement via online and ATO will also notify you of the statement.

Schools and other related associations can get deferral for December activity statements. And issued with a deferral due date.

Annual reporting

If you want to lodge your GST and want to pay, the due date for annual GST return is 31 October.

If you are not able to do your tax return or you missed your tax return then the due date is 28 February for the following financial year for tax period.

If you get service from us or any registered tax and BAS agent, dates may apply differently.

Changing your reporting and payment cycle

Depending on your Situation and requirement, you may be able to change how often you lodge and pay for GST return.

If you really want to change to do GST payment as well as want to change your reporting period,then you need to do it very early. For example,  in the first month of the quarter or at the beginning of the financial year. You need to keep in mind that you can change the cycle straight away otherwise, the new cycle will take effect from the start of the next quarter or year.

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