Income tax is paid on money you receive, such as salary and wages, Centrelink payments, investment income from rent, interest and dividends, and profits from selling shares or property. You can reduce the amount of tax you pay by claiming certain deductions that are directly related to earning your income. Your tax may be further reduced if you are eligible for certain tax offsets or government rebates. Your income is declared on your tax return each year. Most of this information is pre-filled from details we receive from employers and financial institutions, but there is some you will need to record manually. Regardless of whether your income is pre-filled or manually entered, you need to make sure it is accurate and complete.

Most income your business receives is assessable income – which means you need to declare it and it’s subject to tax. You can claim tax deductions for most costs you incur in running your business but there are exceptions. For example, you cannot claim deductions for private or domestic expenses. Entertainment, fines and some other expenses are also specifically excluded. The rules for business income and deductions vary depending on your business structure, whether you hold and sell trading stock, and the nature of your income and expenses.

Lodge your tax return 2016 with us and get your tax refund now. We assure you to give you maximum legal refund. We have Tax accountants who will calculate your tax refund FREE of charge and answer all your tax queries over the phone. Prior appointment is not necessary to lodge your income tax return, and you do not need to personally visit us. Our Tax Accountant will call you immediately after receiving the online application. Alternatively, you can email or fax your Group cert (PAYG summary) and accountant will call you in 15 mins and take your short interview. Accountant will give you FREE tax refund estimate and option of Same Day Tax Refund*.

We can lodge income tax returns for Companies, Trust, partnership, property rental income, business income. All you need to do is fill your details online or send your details via email or fax and then wait for the Accountants call. Our qualified accountant will call you in 15 min and take a short interview about your income and deductions. Accountant will claim maximum deductions for you to get the maximum tax refund. Our qualified accountants are expert in filing income tax return and calculating refund. We do not charge for tax refund estimation, also you don’t have to pay our fees upfront. We can always deduct your fees from your refund and you will get the balance. All the figures will be sent to you for your approval and authority. Once you give us authority we will lodge the application.

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