Features of our Online tax return are-:

  • Just fill information online or send documents via email/ fax. We will take quick Interview on phone and email you the refund figure. Once you authorize to lodge, you will get your Same Day Tax Refund*.
  • No messy paperworks. No software to install. Just fill information online and wait for phone call (15mins)
  • Experienced accountant will call in 15 Mins and take your interview to maximize your refund.
  • No prior appointments required. Just relax in your home and get your tax return lodged.
  • Direct ATO electronic lodgement (same day)
  • Your tax return checked by a professional accountant
  • Withdraw tax refund from your Bank account or Collect Cash from our office.
  • You may live anywhere in Australia (Even remote country areas)
  • Free Estimate of your tax refund by qualified accountant
  • No Upfront Fee payment required
  • No Delays and Returns Lodged same day
  • No Need to Register in our website (You can fax/email also)
  • Over 25,000 returns lodged with Tax Office
  • Just fill this form——- and we will find your Group certificates from Tax office and get same day Tax Refund*
Pay $0 upfront and Get Same Day Tax Refund*

Start New Tax Return

Online Income tax return is very popular these days since client only fills the personal and tax information online and his tax return is lodged with Tax office. Popular ways to lodge online tax return are Etax, Mytax and with Registered tax Agent. Our Company is registered tax agent (Tax Agent no 78339009) and we will lodge your income tax return with ATO once you fill your information online. We also give you option of 1 hour refund if you are interested.

Clients still prefer Tax agent services than ATO Etax and Mytax since tax agent will maximise the tax refund, ensure your tax information is correctly filled to avoid any penalties in future.

Our professional accountant will call you once you fill in the information online. Our professional accountant has experience in all occupations – Miner, teacher, sales managers, Admin officers, Factory workers etc. We ensure you claim maximum refund from tax office. Benefit of using Tax agent like us is that our fees is fully tax deductible, saves time and you get professional service.

These days people don’t have time to visit a tax agent and they prefer lodging online tax return from their home. We have facility of online tax return lodgement and client is not required to come to us in our office. No prior appointments are required. You can just fill in the basic information online .For people who are not good in computers, they can Email or fax their Group certificates (PAYG summaries) from their employers and our professional accountant will call them in 15 mins. Our Email is enquiry@taxrefundonspot.com.au and fax no is 1300768384. Ensure you write your mobile no for call back if you register online or when you email/fax your papers. We will take your interview to ensure you claim maximum refund.

Please note that any information you fill online will be verified by our professional accountant. Accountant will match your details with tax office system (Tax Agent portal) and Accountant will try to find your eligibility for prior years refund. Your refund figures and our fees will be emailed to you for approval. Once you approve the figures, then your tax return will be lodged.
For people who are missing any Group Certificate or who have lost any payment summary, we can find the Group certificate from tax Office. Online tax return is best option since you don’t need any appointment and you can fill your information online

What is ATO Prefill system? ATO prefill system automatically finds your employment and income details – like Bank interest , Group certificate etc. Once you register online, we can use ATO prefill system to find out your income details. We can also find your income and refund for previous years also. Once you register online, Accountant will advise you more details.

If you want us to check ATO prefill for current and previous years, then fill THIS FORM



In Online tax return, if you are not sure about something, there is nothing to worry. Accountant will call you in 15 mins. Our professional accountant will claim maximum deductions to maximise your refund. Accountant will give FREE tax refund estimate and option of same day tax refund *. Please note that eligibility and amount of same day tax refund is decided on case to case basis. Extra fees applies for Same Day Tax Refund which will be advised to you before lodgement. Accountant will email your tax refund estimate, our fees and option of 1 hour refund. The charges are applicable only if you want to go ahead since we do not charge any fees for providing refund estimate.

Our clients are spread Australia wide including rural and isolated areas of TAS, WA & SA. Since we are based in Sydney, lot of our clients don’t visit our office. They only register online and we call them and ask the required questions, give them FREE tax refund estimate and option of same day tax refund *.
Start Online Income Tax Return now or you can email us at enquiry@taxrefundonspot.com.au
to get quick Tax refund.

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