We provide simple, fast and easy way to complete your income tax return online. The online tax return lets you finish your tax return online from any location. You can submit Online income tax return with Tax office (ATO) in our website. We have facility for quick same day tax refund (Terms and conditions apply).We are Experienced and registered tax accountant/tax agents with Australian Taxation Office and we lodge all income tax returns with Electronic Lodgement System (ELS).

Tax refundWe offer unique service of Same day tax refund *. We are registered tax agent (tax Agent no 78339009) and we are authorised by Tax office to prepare and lodge income tax returns.

Accountant will give you FREE refund estimate and give you option of same day tax refund*. Our tax agents have experience in occupations of all kinds – sales manager, teacher, miner, factory workers, office workers etc. We will claim maximum deductions as per your eligibility and ensure you get maximum tax refund possible.

Pay $0 upfront and Get Same Day Tax Refund*

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Income tax returns – We lodge Income tax returns on all types – Individual, Company, Trust and Partnership. We have huge client base and clients all over Australia register in our website to lodge their tax returns. For clients who cant register online for any reason, they can email/fax their Group Cert and our accountant will call them in 15 mins, take your interview for your tax affairs. Then Accountant will give you FREE tax refund estimate and option of same day tax refund *. If you have any other Income tax return – company / partnership/trust etc then you can email us some details – name, tax file no & phone no. Our Accountant will call you and discuss what documents are required to lodge the Income tax return.

Prior year tax returns – If you want to lodge prior year tax return, then just FILL THIS FORM . Our Accountant will call you in 15 mins and will collect information from Tax office for your Group Certificate 9PAYG summary) for prior years. Please note that you can call Tax Office on 132861 and collect information yourself. It takes sometimes more than 40 minutes to collect this information from ATO since they are quite busy sometimes. With us, you only have to FILL THIS FORM and we will collect the information for prior years on your behalf. We will also give you FREE tax refund estimate and option of same day tax refund for prior years.

Complex tax returns – Some clients have complex income tax returns. They have rental properties, dividend income, capital gains, trust distribution, foreign income, work deductions, business income etc. There is nothing to worry since we handle all complex returns. You just need to email us some details about type of income and Accountant will call you and discuss your tax return. He will check Tax office records for income and advise you what documents are required to finalise the tax return.

Business formation – Company, Trust, Partnership & Superannuation – We also give advice on business formation. We can form various business structures – sole trader, Company, Trust, and Partnership. We will do all formalities required for formation of Company with ASIC. We will also do all the formalities with Tax office required for ABN, GST and PAYG etc. If you want to open partnership, then we can help you in creating partnership deed also. We will explain you tax benefits in various structures and advise you accordingly.

Business accounts – bookkeeping, regular financial reporting – Once you have started business, you need someone who can advise you in bookkeeping and maintenance of accounts. We can help you in bookkeeping and accounting. We can help you in generating various reports like profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement etc.

Business Activity Statements, Business tax returns – Business has to file Business Activity statements and Annual Income tax return. Business activity statement can be monthly, quarterly or annually. We will guide you the requirement of tax office and we will calculate the figures for you. We can prepare and lodge these statements to Tax Office. Late lodgements and non lodgement attracts penalties from Tax Office.

Tax planning – Australia has got one of highest tax rates in the world. Everyone (salaried or non salaried) needs proper tax planning . We can help you reduce your tax liability through tax planning measures. Some of them are salary sacrifice, negative gearing, investment property etc. We will legally increase your tax refund through proper legal means. Business people can also reduce their tax liability if they keep proper records and do proper tax planning. Lot of salaried people do not keep the receipts and they lose lot of tax refund at the time of lodging tax return. Our advice is to keep all the receipts and leave it to the accountant (at the end of year) to decide if you can claim or not. If you have any questions about claiming any expense in your tax return, you are most welcome to email to us at enquiry@taxrefundonspot.com.au and we will reply you about deductibility of expense.

Home Loans – We can help you in getting a home loan. Our associates can help you in comparing the best home loans and ensuring you get the best rate. Our associate can also visit your home/office at the time which suits you. If you have bad credit or any default, then also you may get a home loan

Car & Truck loans – We can also get you car & truck loan. Our associate will contact you and get you the best deal in the market

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