Online Fast Tax Refund- How do you get Tax refund in 1 Hour?

3 Simple steps – Do tax return online or send documents via email/ fax , Interview on phone , authorize us and Get your same day tax refund*

Email is and Fax is 1300 786 384. Normal time taken by Tax Office is 14 days to release the Income Tax refund. However, Tax Office can take more time also on case to case basis. We offer unique service of providing you same day tax refund*

Eligibility and amount of ‘on spot refund’ is decided on case to case basis. Extra fees & terms and conditions apply.

This service is a unique service whereby cash is deposited in your bank account in same day and you can withdraw the funds straight away. You can access part/whole of funds (depends on case to case) after our fees. Simplest way to use this service is register online.

Pay $0 upfront and Get Same Day Tax Refund*

Start New Tax Return

Salient features of our ‘On Spot Refund” service:

  • You get Same Day Tax Refund which you can withdraw from your Bank account
  • No Upfront fee is required. Fee will be taken out of your tax refund.
  • You need to just fill information online or you can email/fax your PAYG summary (Group certificate) with Mobile no and Accountant will call you in 1 5 Mins
  • Accountant will take your phone interview, claim maximum deductions & offsets to maximize your refund
  • Experienced tax accountant will give you FREE tax refund estimate and option of tax refund 1 Hour.
  • No Prior appointment is required to use this service. Just fill in basic information and wait for our call
  • You may live anywhere in Australia, even remote areas.
  • You can withdraw same day tax refund from any ATM machine
  • Maximum tax refund is guaranteed.
  • Our Accountant is experienced in all occupations – teacher, factory worker, mining, office work, Admin officer, nurses etc.
  • Tax refund is available for prior years also. Thus you can get same day tax refund for 2014, 2013 and earlier years also
  • Pre fill facility – Once you register online, Accountant will check your Income details from tax office for current and prior years. Accountant will take your interview and calculate refund for prior years also if you are eligible.
  • Fees for On Spot refund is decided on case to case basis and will be advised to you before lodgment.

Start Online Income Tax Return now or you can email us at
to get quick
Tax refund.

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