What’s new in MyTax 2017?

myTax ATO is a system introduced by ATO in 2014 by which individual can lodge his/her Income tax return and it was introduced in 2014. In the beginning of My Tax , it was  available for individuals with straightforward tax affairs. Those with complicated tax affairs were required to continue using e-Tax.  On 1 July 2016, MyTax replaced e-tax completely. 2017 myTax ATO  is the quick, easy, safe and secure way to prepare and lodge your tax return online. It has been upgraded to do everything e-tax could do, plus extra things it couldn’t.

You can use myTax even if you have investments, rental properties, capital gains or are a sole trader. It’s web-based, so you don’t need to download anything. You can lodge on a range of devices – computer, smartphone or tablet – just make sure to lodge by the 31 October deadline.

  • To lodge online you need a MyGov account linked to the ATO. 2017 myTax ATO replaces e-tax and can do everything e-tax could do, plus extra things it couldn’t. From 2016, myTax is available to all individuals completing their own return (including sole traders).

Problems in myTax ATO 2017 – Need to answer strict security questions, No professional help available to maximize deductions, any mistake can end up in ATO audit, refund takes around 2 weeks, You must have good knowledge of computers

We have solved all the above problems- Professional accountant takes your interview and ensures that all income (including Interest, Dividend, Centrelink , rental etc..) and deductions ( work related car , self-education, uniform & laundry, other expenses like mobile, internet, union fees, living away from home expense, donations, tax agent fees are included in your tax return)AND Our refund timing is 1 HOUR .

You Do Not pay anything Upfront and you can get Money in 1 Hour. That’s right !! 1 Hour Tax refund . Just fill your details Online TODAY and get estimate in next 30 mins and Money in 1 Hour.

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