myTax ATO is a web-based tool for preparing and submitting a tax return. Under the ATO 2016 mytax you have to register all your personal details on the MyGov website myTax is for people with “simple tax returns” but it’s not easy to know if this applies to you. It is hard to be confident that you’ve done it right, hard to know if you’re missing out on tax deductions. There is no support, no help from people who are on your side myTax eligibility checklist: If you don’t qualify, you might not realize it and you might not be able to claim something that could improve your tax refund .Saving on tax agent fees by using ‘free’ ATO tools like myTax could mean you get a smaller tax refund. No checking by an accountant so it is easy to make a mistake because you’re on your own with ATO auditors. If you have to lodge an amendment to correct a mistake, you will need to use a tax agent.

So using professional hand is the best way to get your tax refund. We are expert tax agent , we will ensure that you get maximum tax refund. With us you don’t need any security check as myTax ATO 2016. Our online base service is easy and simple. Fill the basic information with us get a call from professional within 15 min who will discuss all options, give your free estimation with the special offer Same Day Tax Refund. 2016 myTax ATO does not gives option of Same Day Tax Refund. You need to wait for 2 weeks to get the refund. You will also have to review the information and add missing details. You should not entirely depend on myTax ATO and it is advisable to review the information provided therein. We assure to ease your tax lodgment.

If you are lodging yourself your 2016 myTax ATO return, there are high chances that you may do some mistakes. It is best to use a experienced Tax Agent like us and we can help you maximise your tax refund. With us , you don’t need to fill any details. You just email or fax your Group certificate (PAYG summary) and wait for accountant call in next 15 min. Accountant will take your interview, maximize your deductions and maximize your tax refund. Accountant will give you FREE tax refund estimate and give you option of Same Day Tax Refund*.

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