Income tax return is form or return which is filled with Australian Taxation Office to declare one’s income from all sources. We need to declare income from salary, business income, interest, dividend, royalty, rental income etc. Income tax return for Individual if Form I. For Companies, it is Form C.

The document for income tax return is a standard form provided by taxation authorities for all the tax payers.

The tax payers have to report their taxable earnings, deductions and exemptions on this income tax return form. With the completion of this form, one computes for his tax liability or tax refund. We need to fill all sources of income, deductions& rebates and tax already on the income earned. Once all this information is filled in income tax return, our online system will calculate the tax refund you are entitled to.

Tax refund is the amount of money a tax payer gets if he has payed more than required taxes to tax office. This amount is calculated prior to lodgement of Income tax return.

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The income tax return is to be lodged after the end of each financial year ending on 30th of June. Its lodgement period is from July to October. We are registered Tax Agent and we are authorised to prepare and lodge income tax returns on your behalf. You may live anywhere in Australia, you just need to fill your details online (as much as you can) and then wait for Accountant call. Accountant will call you in 15 min, ask you questions about income and deductions. Accountant will claim maximum deductions for you to get the maximum tax refund. He will also give you option of Same Day Tax Refund.

We also lodge income tax returns for Companies, Trust, partnership, rental income , business income.
Our qualified accountants are expert in filing income tax return and calculating refund. You do not have to pay our fees upfront. We can always deduct your fees from your refund and you will get the balance. All the figures will be sent to you for your approval and authority.

To lodge your income tax return, you don’t need any appointments and you don’t need to personally visit us. Our accountant will call you in 15 mins once you fill details online. Alternatively, you can email or fax yoru Group cert (PAYG summary) and accountant will call you in 15 mins and take your short interview. Accountant will give you FREE tax refund estimate and option of 1 hour refund*.

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