How to Hit Your First Tax Return Deadline

There’s nothing like a deadline to inspire action. So if you’re preparing to lodge your first tax return online, here’s yours: October 31.That’s the date you’ll need to have the whole kit and caboodle sorted if you’re doing it yourself.

Figure out if you need to lodge

It is important to check, because even if you have a casual, after-school job you may not need to lodge a return,” says Australian Tax Office assistant commissioner Graham Whyte.

“For example, if you earned below the tax-free threshold and didn’t have any tax taken out by your employer throughout the year.”

If it turns out you don’t need to lodge a return, you’ll just need to fill out a non-lodgment advice form via the myGov website.

However, if your boss has been deducting tax from your wages, and you’ve earn less than $18,200 over the year, lodge a return as soon as you can. You should get your refund in 12 days or less.

Lodging online

The ATO has two different options. For straightforward returns, use MyTax on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

MyTax automatically fills out tax returns with information provided by employers, banks, government agencies and others. Just double-check the pre-filled information and add any missing details.

For more complex tax scenarios, E-tax is your best bet, and must be accessed online via a PC or Mac.

Creating your online account

If it’s your first time, you’ll need to create an online myGov account. Have your birth certificate, passport or citizenship certificate handy, and follow the steps.

Claim all you can

Self-preparers need to remember three golden rules, Whyte says.

“To get a deduction for a work-related expense you must have spent the money yourself, it must be related to your job and not a private expense and in most cases you must have a record to prove it.

“If you keep that in mind you can’t go wrong.”

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