What’s new with Etax 2017?

Etax is software which was required to be downloaded to lodge income tax return with Tax office. Etax is no longer available and is replaced with MyTax now.

The E-Tax was first introduced in 1999, compatible only with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The tax office had worked to offer a version for Apple’s Mac OS since 2007. From 1999 – 2013 E-Tax – a digitised version of the paper tax return – was the only option for self-lodging individuals to lodge their tax return online.

However, the ATO last year revealed its new, more modern service for lodging online tax returns: myTax.

ATO’s assistant commissioner Graham Whyte said the new platform had been upgraded and improved since last tax time and was now suitable for any Australian wanting to lodge their own tax return – regardless of their tax affairs.

“In 2016, myTax has been expanded to do everything e-tax could do and more,” Mr Whyte said.

Problems with E-tax software were-: Security questions asked, No professional help available, Tax payers may miss some deductions/income. Etax 2017 was suitable only for people with good tax knowledge. There was option to pre-fill income data in E-Tax but it will not access past history, which means that if taxpayer is doing 2015 tax return , then it would not calculate 2014 or 2013 tax return by itself. Moreover, if tax payer was struck somewhere in e-tax filing, then there was no help available. Many times, people filled wrong information and Tax Office would audit them after 1 year. They ended with huge Tax bills from Australian Taxation Office.

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