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What is Etax 2015?

Etax 2015 means Electronic Income tax return 2015. In Etax 2015, you need to declare income from various sources earned in 12 month period (1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015). You can lodge Etax 2015 (electronic tax return 2015) with us online. You just need to enter your information online in our website. We will match your information with Tax office and give you a call in next 15 mins. Etax 2015 is also provided by Tax office but it has few shortcomings. No Professional help is available in Etax 2015 to maximise the deductions. Strict privacy questions are asked which many people are unable to answer. Many times, tax payers do some mistake in Tax office Etax 2015 and they end up paying tax instead of getting refund. Most common mistake in Tax office Etax is that many taxpayers mention themselves as non resident instead of resident for tax purposes.For Etax 2015 , you need to download software and you must have good knowledge of deductions/rebates etc otherwise you may loose some refund. To use Tax office Etax 2015, you need to create account at mygov and link it to the ATO.

Tax Office Etax 2015 is only suitable for the people who have good Tax knowledge. Etax 2015 will only help you lodge 2015 tax return. With us , you can lodge your prior years also. We lodge all tax returns electronically and you can lodge all Etax returns (Electronic Income tax returns) for 2015 & earlier years. We ensure that you do not get penalised your claims and you get maximum refund in your Etax 2015 tax return. Moreover, we give you option of same day tax refund which is not available in Tax office Etax2015.

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  • Once you are satisfied with refund calculated by accountant, then you give authority to proceed.
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