Health Insurance – Tax Refund On Spot

Your right to a private health insurance rebate or tax offset depends on our income level. If we have private health insurance:

  • the amount of private health insurance rebate we are free to receive is reduced if our earnings is more than a certain amount
  • Tax agent will calculate the amount of private health insurance rebate we  are entitled to receive when we lodge our tax return.

We can claim our private health insurance rebate as a:

  • premium reduction, which lowers the strategy price charged by our insurer
  • Refundable tax offset during our tax return.

This may effect in us receiving a tax offset or a liability, depending on:

  • how we claim our repayment
  • the level of rebate we have claimed for our policy
  • our income for Medicare levy surcharge purposes.

If you have private health insurance cover, you may be entitled for the private health insurance (PHI) rebate. Most people maintain the rebate as a reduction in the amount of premiums they pay to their insurer. The rebate is income tested, which means that if you have a higher income, your rebate entitlement may be reduced, or you may not be entitled to any refund at all.

If you don’t have an suitable level of private patient hospital cover, you may have to pay the Medicare levy surcharge.

 Private health insurance (PHI) rebate

To be eligible for the rebate, you must have a complying health insurance policy and meet other criteria. The rebate amount will depend on your single or family income. You can claim the rebate as either a premium reduction or a refundable tax offset. The rebate percentages are familiar by a rebate adjustment factor on 1 April each year.

Lifetime health cover (LHC) loading

Lifetime health cover (LHC) loading is a penalty that usually applies if you have not taken out and maintained private health insurance from the year you turned 31 years old. The PHI rebate is no longer due on LHC loading

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