Forestry Managed Investment Scheme Income

A forestry interest in an FMIS (Forestry Managed Investment Scheme Income) may be a right to benefits produced by the scheme (whether the proper is actual, prospective or contingent and whether it’s enforceable or not).

You are an initial participant in an FMIS if you meet the following conditions:

  • you obtained your forestry interest in the FMIS from the forestry manager of the scheme
  • your payment to obtain the forestry interest in an FMIS results in the establishment of trees.

You are a subsequent participant if you are not an initial participant.

A forestry manager of an FMIS (Forestry Managed Investment Scheme Income) is the entity that manages, arranges or promotes the FMIS.

Your total forestry scheme deductions is consider as the total of each amount that you can deduct for each income year of your forestry interest. Forestry interest is different from Capital gains tax (CGT) event. This includes, a sale of all or part of a forestry interest or harvest proceeds.

You can only claim a deduction at this item if the forestry manager has advised you that the FMIS satisfies the 70% direct forestry expenditure rule in Division 394 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

If you are an initial participant, you cannot claim a deduction if you disposed of your forestry interest in an FMIS (Forestry Managed Investment Scheme Income) within four years after the end of the income year in which you first made a payment.

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