Asset Write-Off

You may be eligible for instant written-off if your business have turnover from more than $10 million and less than $50 million.

That may apply to assets that cost less than $30,000 and assets are purchased and used from 2 April 2019 to June 2020.

Businesses purchases asset and claim for deduction for each asset that cost have less than $30,000. For instance, if your businesses purchases a new machinery worth 26,000 and then purchase a trailer at a cost $18,000. So, businesses can eligible to claim both of these as each of assets because of $30,000 thresold.

For assets costing $30,000 or more the general depreciation rules apply.

If your business has a turnover of less than $10 million you can claim a deduction for each asset that cost less than the threshold that applied when the asset was first used or installed ready for use. Different threshold apply which depends on cost and value of certain threshold for each assets.  

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