Tax Planning Recommendations

‘Tax time’ is really busy time for taxpayers as well as registered agents.

But if you have forward thinking and pre-planning, you could have yourself feeling confident, organised and ready to tackle the tax man and ready to any delay.

There is an old notion aiming to put a positive spin on tax liabilities that the more tax you pay means the more money you are making. 

We help to do your lodgement as soon as possible and try to get maximum refund.

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  • Defer income: Please Consider delaying or bringing forward invoicing, excluding unearned assessable income, whether ‘cash basis’ accounting may be available to you. Bad debts: Write off any no collectable receivables before year-end.
  • Prepayments: Please consider any payments which occurred during the year.
  • Obsolete stock: analysis inventory for any non-sellable items that should be scrapped, or slow-moving items that could be written down to correct value at the end of the year.
  • Instant asset write-off: The higher threshold of $30,000 assets would be instant written off.
  • Obsolete fixed assets: analysis plant, equipment, furniture and other fixed assets (per your depreciation schedule) for any items no longer operative to be scrapped.
  • Capital gains tax: Consider realising capital losses to offset capital gains made during the year
  • Employee superannuation: please consider employees fund at the end of the year.
  • Personal superannuation: Apply 10% of the maximum earnings implementing so be careful about limits.

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