Our Commitment to Your Privacy:

Tax Refund On Spot is committed to ensure the privacy of your personal information and we understand the importance of privacy of your personal information. Personal information includes your name, date of birth, tax file no, address & contact details. Please be assured that as a client of Tax Refund On Spot, we make every reasonable effort to protect your personal confidential information. Under any circumstances, We will not disclose your name or information to any outside organizations except where we are obliged by Law to disclose or With your express permission.

Since we keep your personal information like Tax file no, Date of Birth, we are governed by Privacy Act. Privacy Act enforces strict penalties for Breach of any privacy.

After Amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 we have appointed a Privacy Officer to ensure our policies are adhered to. We get personal information via email, fax, telephone, our website, over the phone and personal visit to our offices.If you have any question relating to this privacy statement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Contact details are on the Contact Us Page of our website.

Why do we collect Personal Information?
Personal information like Name, Date of birth, Address, Tax file no etc are required to prepare and lodge your Income tax returns. Without entering these information, Tax Office may not process your Tax return.

Responsible Use of Information:

We may use your contact details to send you information about our company and services that we feel may be of interest to you.

We may send you emails to inform you about latest tax legislations. However, you can always
Unsubscribe from our mailing list. We only disclose personal information to third parties only when we are forced by Law to disclose. Your personal information may be used to enable Tax Refund On Spot to offer you other relevant products and services. It is your decision whether you want us to contact you or not. We reserve the right, unless specifically advised otherwise, to send you further information on Tax Refund On Spot products and services. We can do this via email/SMS/ Written Letters/Phone Calls. If at any time you do not wish to contacted, you need to advise us asap

Information Requested by another Organization:

Your information will be used to complete your taxation return and we only share this information with authorized Government bodies such as the Australian Taxation Office, Department of Human Services, and Child Support Agency.

Other Government Agencies may require your personal information as per any Law and we have an obligation to provide them. Other than this, your personal information will be private and confidential and will not be disclosed to any other individual or organization without your express consent. If you request Tax Refund On Spot office to transfer your file to another Accountant, we will do this once we have a written request from you.

Quality of Personal Information:

Quality of personal information is very important. This is because if any information is wrong, then your tax return may not be processed by Tax Office. To assist us with this, please advise us if any of the details you have provided change. Further, if you believe that your information is not accurate, please inform us your correct details asap so that we can inform Tax Office. Your personal information may change over a period of time e.g Address or Phone no. or Tax File no. In this case, you should advise us asap about these changes so that records can be rectified.

Gifts & Promotions:

In order to promote our clients, We offer Gifts & promotions . Promotions include offering free gifts from time to time. We may need to contact you in case you are selected for any promotion. However, in case you do not wish to participate in our promotions, then please advise us so that we can remove your name from the list.

Security information:

We do not have system of User Name and Password because we believe that this has potential of misuse. We take the information from you over the phone or via email.

This is because we want to reduce the chances of misuse of personal information.

Update of Information:

If you have changed your details like address, phone no , Email etc then
You can use any of these methods to change your personal information – SMS/Phone/Email and we will change your information in our records. This will be done by us after identifying you.

Tax Related Information:

When you prepare or file a tax return with us, the information contained in your tax return will be treated with extreme care and confidence. If your solicitor or mortgage broker wants your personal tax return or any other personal information, we will only disclose it after getting your written consent. We will never disclose any tax return information without your consent except as required by law.

Third Parties:

Please note that we do not have any connection to Other Businesses and Our site is not linked to other business sites. We will not be responsible if you disclose your personal information on other websites.
Financial Information:

All financial information collected on our site will remain absolutely confidential and will never be disclosed to any external organization except as required by law. Financial information includes information such as bank account information. We may store such information on our secure servers to expedite processing of your future tax returns.

Chat Rooms/ News Groups:

Please note that Our Website does not offer links to any chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups. Please remember that any link from our site to these places are illegal and you should not provide any personal information in these places. Tax Refund On spot will not be held responsible if you provide your personal information to chat rooms, message boards and/or news groups.
Complaints & Suggestions:

For any complaints or suggestions about this privacy statement, or your dealings with Tax Refund On Spot, you can contact us via the following methods:

E-mail: Enquiry@TaxRefundOnSpot.com.au

Postal: The Privacy Officer, Tax Refund On Spot


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