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myTax will personalise your return, so you need to answer some questions. myTax help you to select authomatic select ‘Business income or loss’ then clicks ‘Next’, myTax tailors based on her answer and selections. when you go on ‘prepare’ screen, please include business details, and fill out other questions.

Once you finalised, clicks ‘save’ and move on next page. If you received a business payment summary from your employer, You can enter the details in the ‘Business payment summaries’ section. In case, if you choose by mistakley wrong, you can click ‘Cancel’. Next, enter the type of you have ‘non-primary production’ and then enters your business income. If you use some equipment in your business, you can record in ‘‘Depreciation and capital allowances tool’.

Then the amount will transferred into myTax. The tool works out her deductible decline in value. The amount is then transferred into myTax. you can also put  the amount in ‘Repairs and maintenance’. If you made expenses related your businesse so, you can adds the the total to ‘All other expenses’. Then tool will calculate business expenses

myTax then works out her business’s total non-primary production net income or loss.

There are three more labels you have to go through, which must add up to her net income or loss. These amounts will be used to complete some of the income test labels.

You need to enter all your net business income in the final field ‘Remaining income from business’. Once you finished, you need to clicks ‘Save and continue’.

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