myGov is help to individuals to find out the transaction with government when individual link to account with single login.

First of all, you have to create account with myGov ID and link with ATO. A myGov ID account is a safe and secure online account where you can access to government services. If you provide an online identification with mygov, so you can easily get access myGov ID which directly link to Government and citizens can interact with ATO through myGov 2020 .

The myGov 2020 digital service was launched in 2013 to give citizens with safe and secure access and connect to the ATO. myGov is one of the portal which citizens can check their account transaction as well as access range of government services such as centerlink, child support, medicare, health record, aged care, National redress scheme, National disability insurance scheme, ATO and many more services.

Once you link your account with myGov, you will get message in your secured inbox. you  can also update your personal details. The most important thing that you can access myGov account from overseas as well.

The myGov 2020 help to individuals in various ways . if you link your account with ATO ,you don’t need to worry about ATO prefill. There is no need to book an appointment and no need to pay any fees for government services.

You can not use myGov in below circumstances and banned by ATO:

You are not allowed to use myGov, or use your myGov account

  • If you involve or participate in any illegal or fraudulent activity;
  • the grounds disruption to myGov;
  • in a manner that infringes a person's rights or prevents them from the use of myGov;
  • in any manner that can harass, purpose distress or inconvenience others;
  • to publish or send unlawful, defamatory, offensive or scandalous fabric;
  • to put up or ship cloth that breaks or encourages breaking the law.

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