How to Personalise Your Return in myTax

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We will help you here about your personalise your tax return in mytax with step by step.

  • make sure you have all document with you to avoid hassle.
  • personalise return screen , you can see a number of checkboxes.
  • Some of boxes automatically selected if we receive information from ATO.

If you have payment summary from your employer or get payments from Australian governments, select the section accordingly but if you did not received any group certificate or PAYG please contact your employer as soon as possible for lodgement. Then select the box that matches your type of payment.

In this case, we’re selecting the ‘Salary, wages, allowances, tips, bonues etc

If you received any Centrelink benefits, select the ‘Australian Government payments’ box please disclose in your return.

If you received interest from bank or other other bank, then select that you had Austalian interest, or Australian income or losses from your investment property. if Yes, then select ‘interest’ and read other options carefully.

If you never heard about any word or need any help , you can click Help button. Once you’ve selected all the sections that apply to you, click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen.

If you by mistake selected a section, just deselect it.  Once you’ve remove the error, click ‘Next’ button.

This will take you to the ‘Prepare return’ screen, where you can view and edit pre-filled information, and review and add anything that’s missing. Your information will now be added to the Prepare screen.

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