How to be in good tax health by 30 June 2019

The tax changes, the taxpayer will focus on the most important issues to consider by small to medium businesses and individuals to best manage their tax  liability  in respect of the 2019 income tax year.  

The proposed tax changes considered that may affect your tax liability in 2019 or later years.

One matter is that this year is that 30 june 2019 was a sunday so your lodgement and payments will be made on  Monday.

Please speak to your TAX REFUND ON SPOT advisor before implementing any tax planning strategies because unpredicted tax or other consequences may arise e.g. the general tax anti-avoidance provisions may still apply so be careful and please take advise from registered agent and ATO. they will help you out.

Our team will help you out and provide right knowlege and stategies for tax implimentation depends upon on your case.

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