Exemptions CGT 2020

Some capital gains are exempt that you don’t need to include in your assessable income. Also, if you made losses, you can not use as offsets a capital gain to reduce your assessable income.

Exemptions include capital gains or losses for:

  • Your main residence with some exceptions
  • your car , Car will define as motor vehicle which carry a load of less than one tonne and nine passenger or less to carry
  • Personal use items who have value for less than $10,000
  • Collectables who have value for $500 or less
  • Depriciating assets used for taxable purposes
  • If you buy property before 20 September 1985 which is called ‘Pre-CGT assets’
  • Assets that produce exempt income or some types of non-assessable non-exempt income
  • If you get injured at your workplace and get compensation or damaged received for any occupation
  • Winning or losses from gambling or game
  • You get paid back or any payment of your expenses under following scheme like

Unlawful Termination Assistance Scheme

Alternative Dispute Resolution Assistance Scheme

M4/M5 Cashback Scheme

    • a scheme established by an Australian Government agency, a local government body or foreign government agency under an act or other legislative instrument, In this description expenses does not include loss, destruction or transfer of an asset
  • the transfer of a super interest in one small super fund 
  • Have relation with superannuation agreement
  • A CGT event happened after CGT event
  • Some payments happened with a general insurance policy, life insurance policy or annuity instrument
  • If you have shares in poll development fund
  • Shares of certain profits, gains or losses from disposal of investments by capital entities
  • Some type of gifts like will

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