What is Tax Calculator?

Tax Calculator is calculator or software which calculates your tax refund or tax payable

We have FREE tax calculator in our website. When you click on link to “Start Tax Return” then you need to enter your personal details and your income and tax withheld. Our Tax calculator will automatically tell you your tax refund. Once you increase the amount of deduction or rebates, tax calculator will increase the refund. But remember, Tax office requires substantiation to prove the deductions/rebates. People who claim high deductions are audited by Tax office and they end up paying tax instead of getting refund.

If you can not fill in information required by our Tax calculator, then you can email or fax your group certificate and Accountant will enter all your information in Tax calculator and give you FREE tax refund estimate. Accountant will maximise your deductions and give you option of 1 hour tax refund also*.

Entering information in Tax calculator can be quite complex sometimes specially when you have rental properties, high deductions, dividend , franking credits etc.. So it is best to leave to us. We will put all the information in Tax calculator. Tax Office also has facility of tax calculator E-tax. But it is not easy to use since you need to answer privacy questions, download the software and you must have good understanding of Taxation laws.

Better option than E-tax is our Tax calculator. Our tax calculator will not ask you any privacy questions and will calculate your tax refund FREE of charge. This calculation will be checked by accountant after you have filled in your information. Our experienced accountant will call you in 15 minutes and take your interview for your entitlement for deductions/ rebates. Accountant will maximise the deductions in Tax Calculator and ensure that you claim maximum tax refund. There are no prior appointments required and you don’t need to personally visit us. You may live anywhere in Australia, you just need to fill the information in our Tax calculator and we do the rest. Please note that we have facility of 1 hour tax refund * and FREE tax refund estimate by a qualified accountant.

Pay $0 upfront and Get Same Day Tax Refund*

Start New Tax Return

What you need to do?

  • Simply register your details online (as much as you can)
  • Or you can email/fax your Group Cert (PAYG summary) to us
  • Accountant will call you back in 10-15 mins and take short interview
  • Accountant will give FREE tax refund estimate from Tax refund calculator
  • Accountant will also give you option of same day tax refund*
  • Our accountant will help you to get maximum refund of your Income Tax Return
  • Our Tax Return Calculator will automatically provide an estimate tax refund
  • Your Tax return is lodged only after you are satisfied with your refund and you give authority to us to lodge your tax return

Start Online Income Tax Return now or you can email us at enquiry@taxrefundonspot.com.au
to get quick Tax refund.

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