What is Tax Return?

Tax Return is a form or document containing a person’s income tax details which taxpayers or their legal representatives complete and lodge it. Tax Return for the tax year beginning 1st July ending 30th June of the following year are generally due on 31st October after the end of the tax year. Thus Tax return for 1 July 2014-30 June 2015 is due on 31 Oct 2015
You need to lodge a Tax Return each year if you had tax taken from any payment you received from your employer. If you need to lodge a Tax Return but have not done, you may have to pay a penalty. Tax Office imposes penalty for non lodgement and late lodgement of tax return. So we must lodge Income tax return in time (before 31 Oct)

We are registered Tax Agent and offer convenient and secure ways to lodge your Tax Return by online, phone or person.

Pay $0 upfront and Get Same Day Tax Refund*

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Services we provide:

      • We can lodge your Tax Return with $0 upfront as we can charge our fee from your refund.
      • For your convenience, you don’t need to visit us. You can register online or you can provide your details over the Phone, Email, SMS or Fax so that we can check your income details in ATO tax agent portal.
      • You can register online and we will call you back in 10-15 minutes to prepare your Tax Return.
      • We can estimate your tax refund without any cost. (Simple tax returns)
      • We guarantee you to provide maximum refund out of your Tax Return.
      • You can apply online with us even if you are overseas.
      • You can also choose to get your Tax Refund on same day*
      • We can help you to lodge your prior year Tax Return as well. We can collect information from Tax office for your earlier years. We will calculate your tax refund for earlier years and give you option of same day tax refund*


What you need to do?

      • Simply register your details online (as much as you can)
      • Or you can email/fax your Group Cert (PAYG summary) to us
      • Accountant will call you back in 10-15 mins and take short interview
      • Accountant will give FREE tax refund estimate from Tax refund calculator
      • Accountant will also give you option of same day tax refund*
      • Our accountant will help you to get maximum refund of your Income Tax Return
      • Our Online Tax Return Calculator will automatically provide an estimate tax refund
      • Your Tax return is lodged only after you are satisfied with your refund and you give authority to us to lodge your tax return

Start Online Income Tax Return now or you can email us at enquiry@taxrefundonspot.com.au
to get quick Tax refund.

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