What is Tax Refund ?

Tax Refund is refund issued by Tax Office when he has paid more tax than what he/she is supposed to pay. Employer has to withhold tax from salary paid to employee. At the end of the year, when Income tax return is lodged by employee, employee may get some of it back as tax refund . To calculate tax refund, various items have to inserted in income tax return – Gross income, tax withheld, deductions and rebates. We specialise in maximising your deductions and rebates , since we ensure that you get maximum tax refund .

You can also claim tax refund if tax is withheld from any other source of income – Business income, Interest income, Dividend etc. You should have the required paperwork to show the total income and total tax withheld. Alternatively, we can also verify the amount withheld and gross income from Tax Office records and give you FREE tax refund estimate. You can yourself get FREE estimate from our tax refund calculator. To use the calculator, you only need to register online and insert the figures. Tax refund figure will be shown in the system. Calculation of your tax refund via our Tax refund calculator is FREE of charge. Once refund is calculated, you can then decide if you want to use our services or not.

Alternatively, you can email or fax your Group cert (PAYG summary) to us and Accountant can give you FREE tax refund calculation and option of 1 hour refund*
Tax Office takes normally 2 weeks to release income tax refund. However, we have a special service whereby you can get same day tax refund*.


We can give your tax refund on spot. Yes, you can have money in 1 hour in your Bank account, you may live anywhere in Australia.

You can also claim your tax refund for previous years – 2014, 2013 and earlier years . We can calculate your tax refund FREE of charge. Our qualified accountant will call in 15 minutes once you register online or once your email /fax your Group certificate to us.

Lodge your tax return 2015 with us and get your tax refund now. We assure you to give you maximum legal refund. We have Tax accountants who will calculate your tax refund FREE of charge and answer all your tax queries over the phone. You don’t need any appointment and there is no need to visit us personally in our office.

Pay $0 upfront and Get Same Day Tax Refund*

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What you need to do?

  • Register online or Email your Group Cert & Mobile no.
  • Get FREE TAX REFUND estimation from professional accountant
  • You will get option to get same day tax refund.
  • Only at your acceptance and authority, we will proceed to lodge your tax return and then make a deposit into your account.

Start Online Income Tax Return now or you can email us at enquiry@taxrefundonspot.com.au
to get quick Tax refund.